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A Day in the Bay

Day in the bay

On my trip in California in the beginning of June, I wanted to spend a day in the city that I used to visit all the time.

My best friend, Anna, and I went and played tourist in San Francisco.

We drove into the city and parked at the parking structure next to Pier 39.

Our first item on the list for the day was the Pier 39 Aquarium. My favorite part was the end of the aquarium where the Sea Otters were! They are like little water dogs. LOL!

After the aquarium we walked around the pier and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The sun was shinning, there was a breeze, it was gorgeous.

We stood at the end of the pier and watched the Sea Lions for a few minutes, and people watched as well. I kept laughing because just the week before there was a story on the News where a family was throwing food into the water to feed some Sea Lions (it wasn’t in San Francisco). After a few minutes of the family feeding the Sea Lions their little daughter sat down on the edge of the dock, and a sea lion came right out of the water and grabbed her clothes and pulled her into the water. Immediately a man jumped in and caught the girl, and no one was hurt. But watching the replay over and over again of the sea lion coming out of the water and the little girl going backwards, will make anyone smile!!

Being used to the Arizona heat, I was getting rather cold so we walked back to the car and decided on our next location.

We drove up to Lombard Street found a parking spot and got out! After growing up in the bay area, neither one of us had ever walked up and down Lombard Street so we figured it was about time that we had!

These were some of my favorite shots I took (it’s a slideshow):

Before heading home, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Corte Madera, CA to visit my Big (My big sister through my Chi Omega [sorority] family). It was so nice to see her after a few years, and it was good to just talk and get a sense of grounding and to know that we can always pick right up where we left off.

After chatting for a while, my Big had to go back to work, Anna and I grabbed a quick coffee and hopped back in the car. We headed home over the San Rafael and Richmond bridge and of course got stuck in traffic.


It was such a beautiful day, and I can’t wait for my next visit back to the Bay.


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