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In the beginning of May, I made a Summer Bucket List. This summer has been pretty eventful so far, and I have about one month left before classes begin, so I still have a lot on my To Do List!
Here is my updated list of things I have accomplished so far:
1. Tubing down the Salt River
2. Turn 21
3. Ace my summer courses
Well, I finished my summer classes, but I did not Ace them.
4. Phoenix Botanical Garden
5. Japanese Friendship Garden
6. HEARD Museum
Wow…I was expecting a higher number than just 6 things accomplished, but I guess I have to remember that I have done a few other fun activities too! On top of the few other fun things, I have also gotten a New Job!
I just finished my second week of training, and will go into my third week on Monday! I am now working on campus at ASU, I am really happy with my new job; the new people (that are actually around my age), feeling like I am actually helping people have really helped make me feel better about going to work.
Also, I finally feel as if my new adventure of being an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International has taken off! (Dist. ID: 268130)
On top of the new job, and selling makeup, I have been making new connections with friends and other bloggers!
And here is my TO DO List:
1. Tempe Center of Arts
2. Petersen House
3. Tempe History Museum
4. Shooting Practice with my Friends
5. Register Dolly Madison as a Therapy Dog
6. Trip to Solvang
7. Mesa Historical Museum
8. Arizona State Capital
9. Tovrea Castle
10. Tea at the Arizona Biltmore
11. ASU Art Museum
12. Soleri Bridge on Summer Solstice
13. First Friday on Roosevelt Row
14. Pick Peaches in May at Schnepf Farms
15. Cerreta Candy Co.
I am a realist in most situations, which is a blessing and not so much at the same time. So, I know I won’t finish all of these things within the next month, but that’s no problem! It will give me something to do on my weekends now that I won’t have work to fill up my Saturdays and Sundays!
Have you gone to any of these places? What did you think of them!?!

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